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Ready to achieve greater results in less time? Then stop procrastinating and start prioritizing! Discover Productivity Planner and learn how to make the most of every minute of every day, using the new Focus Time technique and achieving more than you ever thought possible. Productivity and focus has never been easier.


Beat procrastination and get more done by prioritizing your most important tasks over urgent busy work.

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Productivity Planner is an elegant solution to the time versus productivity conundrum, now with the new layout design and built with the environment in mind to better meet your and planet needs.

  • Undated daily and weekly planner
  • Built-in prioritization and time tracking framework
  • A5: 5.8 inches x 8.3 inches / 148 mm x 210 mm 
  • Lasts for 6 months of daily planning
  • 100% natural cotton cover fabric
  • 100% biodegradable, recyclable, FSC™ certified paper
  • 2x 100% natural cotton ribbons
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    Vanessa Van Edwards

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    The Productivity Planner has completely changed the way I work. It has helped me prioritize my life for the vital few things that are important. Before using it, often I would let my calendar and to-do list run my day and never felt like I was getting the important stuff done.

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    Vanessa Van Edwards

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    Author & Behavioral Investigator, Science of People

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    Inspiring quotes and inspired customer stories.

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    Sometimes, when we do less we actually achieve more.

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    • Important Work Over Busywork: Task yourself with only the undertakings that will ultimately lead to your most vital goals and dreams. The updated planner also includes more space for notes and ideas.

    • Actions Not Distractions: Meet the Focus Time method designed to better accommodate those unavoidable distractions. Work for 30 minutes (or any other chosen focus time period) followed by a five-minute break. Productivity and focus has never been easier.

    • Always Plan to Improve: At the beginning of each week, you plan for success. At the end of each week, reflect on the results and refine your work patterns for even greater successes moving forward. 

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    Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change

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    Productivity Planner

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    Helps you prioritize and get things done

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    Productivity Planner

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    Each productive day at a glance.

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    Take an inside look at how you can make every week and day a productive one.

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    Productivity Planner Breakdown

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    Some of the lives we have guided toward enhanced productivity.

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    productivity planner

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    Each productive day at a glance.

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    Take an inside look at how you can make every week and day a productive one.

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    1. Most important tasks of the week

    2. Secondary tasks of importance

    3. Room for additional tasks

    4. Weekly commitment

    5. Day of the week and date

    6. Daily quote to inspire you

    7. Time blocks that one task will take to complete

    8. Extra space for notes and ideas

    9. Your productivity score

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    Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change

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    3 principles of Productivity Planner:

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    1. Important Work Over Busywork. Prioritize tasks that will ultimately lead to your most vital goals and dreams. 

    2. Actions Not Distractions. Meet the Focus Time method: Work for 30 minutes followed by a five-minute break.

    3. Always Plan to Improve. At the beginning of each week, plan for success, and then reflect on the results and refine your work patterns.

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